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Shawn M. Pedersen

338 Woodmere  Ave. NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506


+1 616.304.3050


To obtain meaningful, long-term employment as a senior software engineer and/or senior programmer in a field of technical  software design.


20+ years as a professional software developer (and 15 as a hobbyist before that).

  • Team lead on multiple complex development projects, working closely with both other senior developers and junior developers.
  • Experience with the full development life cycle of complex applications from requirements gathering through deployment, maintenance & support.
  • Skilled in debugging, and maintaining code written by other developers.
  • Proficient in C++, Java, C#, and both Microsoft and Sybase variants of SQL.
  • Comfortable with Allan-Bradley PLC logic, straight C, Javascript, various BASIC dialects, and Motorola, Intel, SPARC, ARM & PIC assembly.
  • Able to quickly pick up new programming languages and paradigms.
  • Broad knowledge arising from working in a variety of industries over my career including document imaging, banking, and warehousing.



Direct-ConneX, Grand Rapids, MI


Senior Software & Controls Engineer — Lead a team of developers in designing, coding, testing, deploying and supporting a range of software and automation solutions for the warehouse industry:

  • Starting from a legacy codebase, worked to greatly expand DCX’s software offerings for pick, pack & ship applications. The software is written in C# with a Microsoft SQL backend, relies heavily on stored procedures to perform complex data manipulations in real-time, and includes both customer-facing and Windows services components.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed interfaces to various ERP, shipping, middleware, and automation systems to meet customer requirements for integrating with their existing systems. These integrations variously involved web service calls (in both directions),  ODBC connections, and direct database integration.
  • Developed custom automation solutions to meet client’s unique needs, expanding on industry-standard solutions with innovative techniques and methods. These solutions involved communicating with PLCs and small embedded systems to achieve various automation goals.
  • Provided direct and indirect customer support for all of the above

Shawn M. Pedersen



First National Bank of America, Lansing, MI  


Application Developer   — Design, develop and maintain a complete 3-tier internal web application in coordination with other in-house programmers:

  • Develop complete application architecture in Javascript, Java and Sybase TSQL in compliance with company coding standards
  • Coordinate with other programmers on changes to our internal web application framework, including authoring major framework updates
  • Act as a resource for other programmers in regard to our application frameworks, internal standards, and programming best practices


Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI  


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Electrical Concentration

Minor in Mathematics


FineEye Color Solutions, Grand Rapids, MI


Senior Software Developer   — Work with other developers and support staff to design and maintain color-management software.

Pinika (formerly Paladigm), Inc., Grand Rapids, MI  


Lead Application Developer   — Worked alone, with others and as head of a team through all phases of the software product lifetime:

  • Designed new applications and utilities to customer and internal requirements by meeting with customers and others to develop formal and informal design specifications
  • Implemented application and utility designs by coding to specification in a variety of programming languages on both the Windows and Linux platforms
  • Deployed and troubleshot implemented applications and utilities as part of a total system by utilizing debugging tools and accumulated knowledge of the complete system and platforms
  • Supported and refined deployed applications and utilities by providing first- and   second - tier telephone and on-site support.

Abante Systems, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI  


Contract Programmer     Worked as part of a team to design, implement, deploy, and support curriculum management software in C++ for the Windows and Macintosh platforms



Available on request