Dwarfrune Enterprises is a small, informally organised company
offering nothing of value to anyone. But that may change -- who
knows. If you think of something we can do, let us know.

DRE was organized in 1983 as a convenient way to tie together
all my various for-marginal-profit endeavours. 'Course I was only
in eighth grade at the time... I Printed invoices with the DRE
"letterhead." At the time I thought this was all very cool. I don't
have much time any more for little piece work like that, but the
name's stuck around, so when I splurged on a 24/7 net connection,
it was the obvious choice...

For ten years we were connected by a single channel ISDN line to WMIS, a smallish
but growing ISP in southwest Michigan, and we can still heartily recommend them to
anyone looking for an ISP or simple hosting company in the area. Everything you see
here was running off one poor P166 server sitting in the front closet of our computer
room, and powered by Apache running on Linux. Nothing fancy, but darned reliable.

Due to circumstances involving moving to another house, we are now hosted on a
dedicated virtual server over at Rackspace, a tech-oriented virtual hosting company
allowing root access and full control of the hosted server at a very competitive rate. I
don't know if we'll stay here full time, but for now it's definitely the right choice. We're
now running on part of a multi-Opteron server, still powered by Apache running on
Linux—specifically Redhad Fedora. Still nothing fancy, but even more reliable.


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